PC Video Game Review: Vampire the Masquerade – Bloodlines

Enter the World of Vampires with the PC video game Vampire the Masquerade – Bloodlines
Bloodlines is a sequel to the classic Vampire the Masquerade – Redemption. However, with a new engine and game-play it is hardly recognizable. This new title from Activision packs quite a punch. If you’re tired of the same games repackaged over and over again such as most RTS titles seem to be; you will be more than happily surprised with this enthralling tale of the underground world of vampires.

Bloodline has an interesting approach to its game-play which incorporates role-playing, first person shooters, and even an alternate third person style together. The most unique and innovative feature used in this game is the vast amount of alternate dialogues possible when communicating with other characters. Every time you interact with an in-game character you will be prompted with several conversation options. This allows for extreme personality to be developed by your character. Your character’s response to certain questions can completely change the direction of the game. This makes every word you utter just as important as the actions you take. Also adding to the engrossing nature of this game is the incredible voice cast. This amazing vocal cast is what allows for each character’s personality to be expressed to a completely new level. Every character you encounter has a unique vocal presence which compliments their demeanor and persona.

From the moment you began to play this chilling tale of darkness, the plot completely engrosses you. Throwing you into the dark corners of the subversive vampire community, you quickly learn the workings of vampires and truths and fallacies which come with; what actually will kill you, and the myths and superstitions of garlic, crosses, and stakes. Your guide instructs you on how to feed on humans which are now your only forms of sustenance. As your character progresses through the game he or she can learn the art of seduction to seduce the local women/men at the clubs and bars which clutter the underworld. Along with seduction, your character can progress in his strengths, dexterities, and vampire feats. Vampire feats are magic powers that vampires can draw on. They include such attributes as Blood Buffing, Presence, Celerity, and many more.

For those gamers out there that need a good riveting tale, Bloodlines is definitely where to look. Although the game has a high rating of “M” it is a must have for role-playing gamers everywhere as well as vampire junkies. Even if you are not one of the prior, this game is something that stands out from the rest of the standard average games that have been released recently. So if you haven’t checked out this title yet, I encourage you to explore this innovative story of blood, lust, facade, and deceit.